About Us

Japan Machinery Company (JMC) is an engineered products trading firm providing procurement services globally for major industries for over half century. JMC is a recognized reputable trading house importing and exporting high-grade machinery and equipment to and from Japan and our customers rely on our prompt and dependable services.

Our Overseas Operations Division staffed with English-speaking Japanese, Russian and Latin-origin employees is promoting rigorously export business from Japan mainly in the field of Steel, Non-Ferrous Metal, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals ( including Fertilizer and Chemicals ), Power Generation, Food & Beverage and Automobile industries as well as Agricultural Machinery & Construction Equipment.

Especially for Steel Industry, JMC has a record of outstanding achievement and decades of experience in the supply of Japanese-made metalworking machinery, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation, and spare parts in a professional manner. In addition to supply of such equipment and parts, JMC can also provide opportunities to obtain advanced technologies and solutions which contribute to improvements in productivity, reliability, safety and work environment.

It is our hope and pleasure that we can contribute to our customers globally for their maximum satisfaction with highest quality, on-time delivery and reasonable price provided by Japanese manufacturers.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for any issues and needs so that we can find the best solution.


Japan Machinery Company

Overseas Operations Division

Nakajima Shoji Building, 7th Floor 5-6, 8 Ginza
Chuo, Tokyo  C.P.: 104-0061, Japan

Tel: (81)-3-3573-5424 Fax: (81)-3-3573-5445