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Japan Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1959 when Japanese industry developed rapidly and it was necessary to incorporate cutting-edge overseas technology. From the beginning, our focus has been on “providing cutting-edge technology.” Accurately understanding the needs of our customers and carefully searching for products that meet these needs are the major pillars of our development.

Immediately after the Tokyo head office was established, Japan Machinery opened branches in Osaka (1959) and Nagoya (1960). Ten years later, in 1972, when Japanese companies improved their technological capabilities to the point where they could provide world-class products due to high economic growth, we opened an overseas sales department. After that, we continued to add new manufacturers to our group and expanded the scale to cover all major industrial cities in Japan.

By establishing a technical office, we are able to provide in-depth technical and system support, quality control inspections, calibration tests, aftercare, and repair operations at a reliable level.

With the steady management system in place, we have acquired ISO 9001 (2002) and ISO 14001 (2011), and in 2009 we also introduced SAP ERP.

As a result, Japan Machinery currently imports the highest quality products from more than 500 companies around the world and has more than 14 branches in industrially important cities throughout Japan.

In addition, the Overseas Sales Department introduces agent sales of “Made in Japan” products to more than 40 countries.

The newly established “JMC Building” in 2012 has also enabled us to provide high-quality support. We also have a showroom where customers can directly see and try our products.

Japan Machinery is proud to be a multinational team with a high level of expertise with a corporate culture, relationships of trust and know-how cultivated through more than 50 years of continuous and stable growth. We will not be satisfied with the current situation, and Team Japan Machinery will continue to challenge the fast-changing world with confidence and a spirit of challenge.

1959 Established Japan Machinery Co., Ltd.
1959 Osaka branch opened
1960 Opened Nagoya branch
1970 Hiroshima branch opened
1972 Opened export department
1973 Increased capital to 44,800,000 yen (currently)
1978 Opened Kyushu Sales Office
1978 Opened Shizuoka Sales Office
1981 Purchased Rokugo Warehouse
1982 Opened Ibaraki Sales Office
1983 Opened Kita-Kantou Sales Office
1986 Opened Kyoto Sales Office設
1988 Opened “High Tech Center” building
2002 Obtained ISO9001 certification
2008 Imabari office opened
2009 Sendai office opened
2011 Kansai Sales Division opened
2011 Obtained ISO14001 certification
2011 Chiba Sales Office opened
2012 Completed the current JMC building with a showroom
2014 Russia representative office opened
2016 Tokyo Sales Division and Keihin Sales Office were
2019 Opened JMC Minamirokugo Building with a demoroom